Mark Lipinski, one of America’s favorite quilting personalities is recovering from his kidney transplant.  Last month his neighbor donated her kidney to Mark & they tracked their journey up to & including surgery in Mark’s usual zany fashion.  marklipinski-bannerYou can follow his blog or Creative Mojo,  his web radio show or you can sign up to follow him on his Facebook fan page where he teaches quilters to recognize design in everything they see.  His new “I Can Fly” fabric line is bright & cheerful. I became one of his devoted “cupcakes” when I attended one of his classes.  We laughed our way through learning about embellishing quilts, various looks using the same pattern but different fabrics and were entertained with his many tales of misadventure.  Mark reports that he is recovering and getting stronger.  Feel better soon.

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover The Quilt Life, a magazine for and about quilters and their lifestyles.  I was quilt_life_cover-lgsearching for an update on Ricky Tims, one of my favorite quilting stars and discovered that he publishes this with Alex Anderson through the American Quilters Society.  If you’ve ever enjoyed the Quilt Show  on web TV, you’ll love their magazine. Ricky is an internationally reknown quilt teacher, author, artist, and entertainer.  His Convergence and Rhapsody quilts are incredibly beautiful. You can learn his techniques through his various books available at Amazon.  I attended one of his seminars several years ago and was amazed and entertained by this talented quilter.  You can also follow Ricky on Facebook as he travels around the world teaching, designing, playing the piano  and entertaining.  It should be a lot of fun.

Rhapsody quilts

I’m forever looking for the perfect marking tools and have read good reviews from quilters about the Pilot FriXion Gel Pen that disappears with ironing.  So I’ll order a few to try out and would like to hear what you think.  Remember to try the pen on a sample before using it on your quilt.

Since I never have time to complete a bed-size quilt, I enjoy learning new techniques by making table runners for my 7-foot dining table that occasionally serves as a work table.  I like a fairly narrow runner with a 6-inch drop at each end, then I make placemats to match for the diners on the longer sides.  That way the runner serves as the placemats for those seated at the ends of the table.  I found this Mod Log Table Runner pattern that looks easy and fun & I can make as many blocks as I need to extend the runner the full length of the table.  mod log table runner

So many quilters love to travel, I thought you’d enjoy hearing about a woman who travels by horseback.  She’s logged over 18,000 miles thoughout the American and Canadian west with her three mounts and her dog, Claire.  Claire has earned the right to ride horseback in a basket now after walking several thousand miles on a few trips with Bernice Ende.  Bernice is planning to “go for a ride”, about 1,000 miles in May and you can follow her travels on www.endeofthetrail.com.  This former ballet instructor travels only with what she carries on her mounts, has no cell phone, GPS or computer.  She pitches camp nightly and depends on the people she meets to help her follow the call of adventure. She warns that her blogs may be intermittent since she has to locate a computer whenever she enters civilization.  A truly amazing woman!



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