Barn Quilts and Michigan’s Timberland Quilt Trail

This site is designed to help traveling quilters locate shows, shops, guilds and quilt-related events in the locale they are visiting. I also include some textile and quilt-related facts that may be of interest.


While visiting our cottage on Lake Huron in Tawas, Michigan I discovered the Oscoda County Timberland Quilt Trail that showcases Barn Quilts, a growing phenomenon throughout the country. There are more than 3,000 quilt blocks adorning trails nationwide making the quilt trail movement the nation’s largest public arts project. Oscoda County has 12 quilt blocks displayed on barns, local businesses and private residences. Following the trail allows visitors to experience the culture and history of the area and makes for a lovely afternoon drive through stunning countryside.

We began in Mio, Michigan at the Stitches for You Quilt Shop where the owner Judy Utley, graciously provided a trail brochure and oriented us to the trail map. Her lovely shop offers Quilt Trail block patterns as well as fabric, machine quilting services and patterns. They designed the Variable Star block displayed on their building to celebrate the four seasons.

Stitches for You

Stitches for You

A short way down the road is the 100-year old Chamber of Commerce building whose quilt block is the logo used by the Oscoda County Art Council who are  responsible for the creation of the Timberland Quilt Trail.

Oscoda County Art Council/Chamber of Commerce Building

Oscoda County Art Council/Chamber of Commerce Building

Nearby is Lydia’s Gate, a shelter for those in need. Their quilt block is located on an outbuilding of the neat white house that can accommodate 16 people.

Back on the main street of Mio we came to the Au Sable River Restaurant that displays the Fish Fry quilt block designed specifically for them to represent their Friday fish fry dinners.

Lydia's Gate

Lydia’s Gate

Au Sable River Restaurant

Au Sable River Restaurant

The Au Sable Valley Market erected their Ohio Snowflake block, a traditional Amish pattern, on an outdoor fence. They sell locally made products, pampered beef & organic produce.

Au Sable River Market

Au Sable River Market

We had a great afternoon travelling one and two-lane roadways, some unpaved, through rolling country.  I’ll continue with the last two quilt blocks we visited next time.  They were both so unusual and in fascinating locations.

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