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Children, family, creativity, positive attitudes and quilting … nothing can stop three busy, high-energy women with a good idea!  Like all working moms and other active women, how is it possible to celebrate our passions … travel, quilting, design … when there’s just never enough time?  Through our computers, of course!

We want to develop a blog to help quilters who travel find a quilting community at their new destinations.  Vacationing or relocating, nothing says “home” like a group of friendly quilters.  Find quilt shops, visit quilt shows & exhibitions, find local guilds in your new environment.  We’ll provide the links to all things “quilty”.  We’ll also bring you the latest news about new fabric lines, products and gadgets while you’re on the go.  We’ll do your research for you – visit Cherry Pie Quilts to find out what’s going on around the world.

Jodi has raised four children, lives in Port Charlotte, FL and is looking forward to retiring from government service.  With a background in administration and finance, she began quilting when asked by her daughter, Heidi, to help with a quilting class project.  Jodi was hooked in 15 minutes and Heidi eventually encouraged her to take up long-arm quilting.  Jodi bought a Gammill long-arm machine and10 years later still hasn’t retired but has built up a long-arm business in addition to her full time job.

Heidi is an adjunct professor for Florida State University, works in Atlanta, GA in education for the visually impaired.  She also serves as a consultant for several schools in the Atlanta region teaching multiply-handicapped children.  She’s the best-dressed visual education instructor in Georgia, cute as a button at just 4’10” and a bundle of energy.  She’s married to Chris,  an artist and photographer and has a 3-year old son, Maximillian who scared the heck out of the family by arriving prematurely and spending his first 3 months in the hospital. Our MAXimizer is now a healthy, happy, active boy.

Jamie is married to Jodi’s son, Matt and is a beautiful addition to the family. She is an exceptionally talented graphic designer and artist who was introduced to quilting (maybe against her will?) by Jodi & Heidi.  Jamie is Executive Editor of Family Living Magazine and Creative Director of Nuovo Bride Magazine, in Sarasota, FL. She plays the piano and is learning guitar & is the only musician of the group.  Her husband, Matt, is an environmental scientist, a running coach, a bonsai enthusiast and is as handsome as Jamie is beautiful.  Consequently, they have an absolutely gorgeousfour-year old daughter, Rebekah, who is becoming a very opiniated and vocal young lady.

Jodi, Heidi and Jamie form a dynamic trio and hope you’ll become part of their family as they travel vicariously with you to visit new quilters around the world.

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